August 5th, 2007


I've been a horrible, HORRIBLE LJ friend...

...I'm SO sorry to everyone for not being around recently!! :( This past week was ridiculous - with work sending me on an EARLY (why do I always want to spell it "earley?") ;) morning flight to Maui for a meeting, and my night school class every Tuesday and Thursday nights, not to mention all the web work that has recently come in that I've been working on, plus the constant care and monitoring that Sydney dog needs daily - well, let me just say that sleep has been VERY hard to come by this week. I've tried my best to go back and read all of your entries that I missed, but if I've missed something important, please do let me know - my apologies for being so out of touch!! :(

Sydney news...

Sydney's still hanging in there! :) She walks (albeit unsteadily) around our house, walks to her little pad thingies to pee, and generally seems to have maintained her wonderful outlook on life. :) Her personality is very much the same as it was before her illness - she's still very stubborn, will walk to the kitchen and tackle the scary, slippery tile if she smells something delicious cooking in the kitchen, and she'll still get upset and turn away from any camera that's placed in front of her. :)

She's lost A LOT of weight and barely resembles the Sydney we used to have to put on diet food, but she's still VERY much our lovable doggie and we're thankful for all the extra time that we've been able to spend with her.

Web stuff...

This weekend was spent completing a re-design of Bets' site. I'd lost the key font that I'd used to create her titles in the former design when my laptop was stolen in the robbery. For months I looked through all the font sites, all my font CDs, I even went to to see if I could find it, but no luck. :( Instead of re-creating all my titles, I decided to completely re-design the site - it's been a while since I've done it for Bets and she really deserved a new design! :)

If you want to see it in its new format, I've uploaded it (finally) yesterday!

This weekend...

Today Mark & I might head out for a bit. My BIG boss wants the two managers to go out and invest in Franklin planners to keep ourselves organized. It's nice that he's allowing us to use our corporate cards to obtain them and lord knows anything that can help me get more organized is a blessing. ;)

After my Franklin planner shopping, I wanted to take Mark to Sweet Basil, a yummy Thai restaurant that one of my reps got me hooked on this past week. Mark is kind of hot and cold about Thai food and so is my rep's boyfriend... Is liking Thai food just a female thing?

Hope you've all been well. I plan to get a better hold of my life and be here more often (promises, promises...) ;) Thank you to everyone who has been so patient with me and who has sent me messages asking if we were okay. Love you all! I'm off to work on another site (the children's theatre site that I've been working on recently) - have a great Sunday everyone!! HUGS!
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