August 10th, 2007

More web stuff...

Once again, I find myself unable to keep up with my life...

And I vowed to be so good about keeping up with LJ... :( My apologies to everyone - some recent web work came in (which was a tremendous blessing!) but it took up a lot of my non-working, non-school, and non-Sydney hours. I have been trying my hardest to read all of your entries and comment where I could, but it left me no time or energy to post an entry of my own... One of these days I will get my act together, I promise.

Sydney dog

I'm not sure if this is morbid or not, but this week I called my friend, who owns the portrait studio that I do a website for and I scheduled an appointment for a family portrait. It occurred to me that the last studio portrait that we have as a family was our engagement portrait:

Collapse )

- and I really wanted something more recent (the picture above was taken almost ten years ago!) And since Sydney is still in good spirits and seems to be doing okay, I thought it would be best not to wait. Our portrait appointment is tomorrow afternoon...

Sydney is still hanging in there! Everyday she amazes me with her strength and her resilience. She is now walking much more - and a little more sturdily - around the house. She can walk on tile (with just the occasional sliding around...) and she's able to stand for long periods of time. If you asked me just three weeks ago if I thought I'd ever see her walking around our house again, I wouldn't have believed it. I should learn never to underestimate the fuzzy dog!!

Web stuff

Finally, I've been working on a couple of new web projects, but one in particular that has become very close to my heart. It's a site for the 2007 Chess Concert at the Ford Amphitheatre. Yes, initially I was promoting it because Kevin is starring in it (along with Susan Egan, Matt Morrison, and many other great performers!!) but then I found out the touching story behind the show and began trying to do whatever I could to help get the word out both through Kevin's email listing and through MySpace.

Through MySpace I was fortunate enough to meet Sheryl, who runs the Chess 2007 MySpace page and offered my services for a site. She and Brian (who is the producer of the show) were sweet enough to offer me advertising in exchange for my web work for their show. They really didn't have to do that, for me just getting the opportunity to help them promote the show is wonderful enough.

Here are some of the designs that I'm thinking of sending to them. Any opinions on how I could improve any of them or which one you prefer would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks so much in advance!! :)
(I wanted the color scheme of this one to match their MySpace page)
(Similar but different graphics...)
(For a different look...)
(For the last one I've also created a "Cast" trial page so they could get an idea what one of the other pages might look like...)

I'm off to spend some time with my fuzzy baby and do more web work (on another site that I've been working on all week as well...) Hope you all have a nice weekend! Big HUGS to everyone. :)
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