August 12th, 2007


YAY! Web stuff and we got our portraits taken. :)

Web Stuff!

The Chess 2007 Concert Site has finally gone live! :) I spent most of yesterday working on it and this morning I uploaded it to the server - if anyone is interested in seeing the final product, here it is:

It was great working on the site and hopefully it can help in some small way to promote the concert - as it's for a very good cause and is being performed in honor of a very special person (see the "About the Event" page for details about that).

I'm currently working on completing the Children's Theatre Site that I've been working on for the past week or so. This site should be ready to go live VERY soon as well. If anyone is interested, here's the work-in-progress site:

Taking our family portraits!

Yesterday, Mark & I took Sydney down to Ace Portrait Studio (which is owned by a friend of mine) to take a family portrait. It's been YEARS since we've had a formal studio portrait taken and since we know Sydney might not be with us for much longer, we didn't want to wait.

Boy, things have sure changed since I worked in a portrait studio!! The photographer took about 10 shots and then said, "Let's see how they look." We followed him into a back room filled with computers and he had me pick the one I wanted, re-touched it, and printed my enlargement all while we waited!! I got to take my portraits home with me - YAY for technology. :)

When I used to work in the portrait studio, I used to have to process the film and print proofs out on a HUGE Fuji print machine. The clients used to have to wait an hour for their proofs and would have to come back two weeks later for their enlargements... Talk about instant gratification these days... And with no film and chemicals to process the proofs - overhead for portrait studios must be SOOO low these days!

I'm just amazed!

So, I've scanned the photo that we've taken and will post it tomorrow when I've had a chance to complete all the lovely web work that I've been doing. :) Hope you're all having a nice weekend! Big HUGS to you all!! :)
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