August 31st, 2007

Sydney & Sheri

I'm off to Sacramento...

...for the weekend to see Bets in 1776. :) I know she only has one song in the show and is probably only in about 12 minutes of the entire show, but really, how could I miss seeing my favorite performer in my favorite musical? Besides, it brings back such nice memories - the VERY first time I saw Bets on stage was way back in 2001 in that infamous production Reprise production of 1776 (where I also first met Kevin!) :)

It should be a great weekend! In addition, after years of speaking with her on the phone everyday at work, I'm finally meeting one of my friends (co-workers) who works out of our Sacramento office for one of the shows!! AND after years of interaction online, I am also finally getting to meet alligatorandme for a show too :) - so it really is going to be a fun weekend. :D

A Sydney Note...

Yesterday this arrived for us. We'd ordered it last week and were REALLY impressed with what a good job they did. Somehow now I feel that I have closure to Sydney's life... Not that we'd EVER forget her, but now I feel that we can put the whole chapter of her long, long illness behind us and know that she'll still always be a part of our lives. There were a lot of tears last night, but I think both Mark & I know that she'll always be a part of our family - it doesn't matter that she's no longer with us.

My workmates were also sweet enough to chip in to get me a beautiful frame (for the family portrait we recently took) as a sympathy gift. It was SO unexpected and SO sweet of them! When they handed the package to me, I couldn't help but burst into tears. As I've said so many times before - they are the reasons I could never leave my job!

I'm off to pack... Yes, I'm still pretty much the queen of procrastination! I hope you all have a lovely weekend - if for some reason I don't have internet access in Sacramento (which I doubt, but you never know...) please have a safe and fun long weekend! :) HUGS!
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Julie Ann - Hitch

Short update from Sacramento. :)

My flight got in at about 9:15pm this evening. The good news is that the Super-shuttle was easy to find, the driver was courteous and friendly, and the hotel is SOOO close to the Wells Fargo Pavillion! :)

The bad news is that I didn't rent a car and so I feel a little trapped at the hotel (I'm so used to driving anywhere I want when I travel) and I'm really, REALLY hungry. I don't feel like venturing outside tonight, so I think I'll eat a couple of fruit and nut bars that I brought from home and wait until tomorrow morning. :P

And I guess I've never been to the Sacramento airport before, because I was shocked to see this work of art in the baggage claim area. :) I don't think I was the only one, too - a lot of the Hawaii people who got off the plane with me were taking pictures of it. :)

Edited to add: My arrival at the hotel was made additionally lovely by being able to catch Julie Ann's "speed dating" scene from HITCH on TBS in the hotel room. :) Nothing makes me happier than seeing Julie on TV.

I should run, I have a bunch of work that I have to do for the Chess and VMT sites that I didn't get the chance to do at home. Hope you all have a nice evening! HUGS!
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