September 2nd, 2007

Bets - in Honky Tonk Laundry

A VERY full day in Sacramento!

Yesterday I spent the day watching my favorite musical - twice, meeting some friends I'd known for years, but never met before, and trying my hardest to fight off one of the worst headaches ever...

My day started at Starbucks where I finally got to meet alligatorandme after years of knowing her online. I also got to meet shawk that afternoon as well. They were both funny, intelligent, and basically wonderful to hang out with which was really nice.

I also met Sherri that evening, a co-worker/friend who I've known and spoken with on the phone for years, but finally never met until last night. :) It was wonderful to hang out with her and talk about our crazy company and the people we knew in common. We had a fabulous time and I gave her the goodie basket that everyone from my office put together of Hawaii things for her. She's much the same as I envisioned her from talking with her on phone all these years and I just adore her!!

The show itself was great. I'd seen 1776 five times in LA back in 2001 with an INCREDIBLE cast which makes it a bit hard for me to see other actors in the role. Just a bit about some of the cast:

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The show itself was staged in an interesting way because it was being performed in the round. Liked that they had McNair tear off the dates and TURN it when he did so the people sitting on my side of the theatre could actually see the dates being torn. Interesting that they had John and Abigail actually touch each other during "Compliments" - it seemed to give John more of a sense of longing - which added nicely to the show and the moment.

All in all, a great production and I'm glad I saw it! I have one more viewing of the show tonight and then my 1776 weekend is done! I felt really bad, though but by the end of the night I was trying my hardest to fight off one of the worst headaches in the world and could barely focus on the ending of Act 2 that evening. I do think my headache hampered my enjoyment of the evening performance somewhat and though I cried my way through the second act at the matinee, I didn't cry at all during the evening performance... My headache was so bad that it even cut my evening with Sherri short - which was sad. :(

Got to spend lots of time with Bets, which is always SO lovely. She's really one of the warmest, sweetest people around and I feel so fortunate to know her. Ate some YUMMY sushi with some lovely company, which was very nice! And got to take some great photos (which I will post a little later) :) What more could I ask for of the day? :)

I'm taking it easy today in the hotel - trying to get rid of my headache (which I still have!) and then I see the final performance of the show this evening. Should be a lovely end to a lovely weekend... Hope you're all having a nice weekend! I'm off in search of some food around my hotel!
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