September 4th, 2007

Bets - as Hildy in On The Town

My final day in Sacramento and the final performance of 1776...

I got home yesterday and oddly enough even knowing that Sydney would not be there to greet me, I couldn't help but think on the plane ride home, "I can't wait to see Mark & the fuzzy dog!!" :( Somehow being away was a good way to forget that she's gone, but coming home to an empty house yesterday was that much more depressing...

On a much less depressing note, I had a wonderful last day in Sacramento on Sunday. I spent the majority of the morning sleeping off my headache (which was nice) and then walking around downtown looking for food. :) As I was walking around I ran into the Pride festival somewhere on 21st and J... I would have loved to have gone in, but sadly I was beginning to feel faint from my food hunt, so I ended up passing it up and continuing on my quest for food... :P

I ended up ordering take out from PF Chang's - which was lovely and I spent the afternoon eating delicious Chinese food and watching TLC's "Flip That House" marathon (not that I love the show or anything, but it was good, mindless TV and what's better on vacation than a good mindless TV show?) It was nice - rarely do I have the opportunity to actually relax on my vacations... I'm always traveling and so much on the go all the time that it barely even feels like a vacation. So this was really nice and what I really needed... :)

Saw the evening performance of 1776 and must've been sitting next to a history teacher... Each time Thomson read a portion of the declaration, she would say the words with him. At first it was amusing, then it got a bit irritating... It was one step down from her actually singing along with the songs. :{

The performance was incredibly strong that night. James Barbour - oddly enough - delivered his lines much quicker than he did the previous two performances, made sure he hit the desk with his cane soft enough so that it didn't break, and seemed to give an angrier portrayal that night. All that said, I'm still not sure I agree with this Barlett's way of stopping "Molasses to Rum" with his "For the love of God, Mr. Rutledge,...Please!" It sounded bold and angry... LOVED the Reprise version (I can't remember who played the role there, sadly) - where he made it sound more like he was ashamed (which I felt was more fitting.) But that's just my interpretation...

Got to speak with Bets a last time before I left. We spoke about the show, my Chad Brannon adoration, and puppies. A lovely conversation all around (and much better without my headache!!) All in all a LOVELY theatre weekend and I'm so glad that I made the trip to see it. :)

The flight home was pretty uneventful, except that at the airport I spotted Kevin Covert (who played Robert Livingston) waiting in the Delta Terminal for his flight home. Since I'd seen the show 3 times from the East side of the theatre, and he was always in front of me, he was very easy to recognize. :)

I will post some photos of the weekend soon. :) Now I have to run and get ready for a week of hearing my BIG boss complain because I was out on Friday... :P Hope you all have a great week! HUGS!
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