September 9th, 2007

Will & Grace - finger touch

Some thoughts on the close of this weekend...

After much talking, Mark & I have decided to plan a short overnight trip to Maui over the weekend of the 22nd - 23rd. The 23rd would've been Sydney's 10th birthday and we didn't really want to sit at home being depressed by it all. Besides, it's been years since Mark & I went to Maui (for anything other than for work) and we thought it would be a nice getaway and a nice way to remember her.

In other news, Mark bought a new 160GB iPod this weekend and spent the ENTIRE weekend loading it with video, music, etc... The one nice thing is that when he's done, I'm inheriting his old 80GB iPod. :) And with three complete seasons of Will & Grace, three complete seasons of Six Feet Under, selected Queer as Folk and due SOUTH episodes, about 660 songs, and about 8 movies, I was really running out of space on my old 30GB ipod! Yay for inheriting my hubby's old hand-me-downs! :D

And I guess it hasn't been an issue too much anymore because I really haven't had the time for it,... but I'm again looking for another TV series to watch. :P I plowed through all 5 seasons of Six Feet Under in just a few weeks, Queer As Folk lasted me only a few months, and due SOUTH only took me a couple of weeks... I tried, but couldn't get in to Brothers & Sisters, or Reunion... I'd like to try Dexter, but I'm so afraid that I'll be too disturbed by Michael C. Hall's portrayal (well, that I don't deal with violence well at all...) Any suggestions?

In sad news, I checked my DVD of the Jerry Lewis Telethon that I recorded while I was in Sacramento and FF'ed through all 4 hours and no Kristi whatsoever! :( Very sad...

I can't believe that a new work week is starting already. :P These days the weekends just don't feel long enough to recover from the week before. I'm still faithfully taking my night school classes (and loving it!!), but that might be contributing to the feeling that I never have any downtime lately... Hope you've all had a nice weekend. Big HUGS to you!!
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