September 16th, 2007

Kevin - 2006 Headshot

Anyone out there on Facebook...

...and can tell me what the heck it is? Sort of like MySpace? A friend of mine sent me a request to be friended and when I click on the link it tries to register me. I've heard (vaguely) of Facebook before, but thought it was only for college students and never really paid too much attention. Any words of wisdom on it would be greatly appreciated. :)

Well, tomorrow is the big night... The big CHESS Benefit Concert! Lots of my friends in LA will be going and if it hadn't been for the beautiful wedding that I attended last night for a dear friend, I would've tried my hardest to be there too. If anyone here is planning on going, I'd love a report of Kevin's performance. Kevin as Anatoly is much too hard for me to pass up without wanting major details! :D In any case, I'll be thinking of Brian and the others tomorrow night and sending my biggest break-a-leg wishes!!

I'm off to hunt for some LifeWater - I've been unusually thirsty all weekend!! Hope you all have a lovely week!! :D HUGS!
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