September 19th, 2007

Sheri & Susan

Lovely sushi!!

Tonight Susan & I went to Kuru Kuru to eat some great sushi! She and I haven't been out to dinner in MONTHS (ever since Sydney got ill) so it was REALLY nice to see her. :) Lots of things have been happening in both of our lives and it was great to just get together and catch up. :)

I got to see Susan's new car - which she loves because it uses A LOT less gas than her big red truck used to and it's so much easier to park. We also spent a lot of time talking and laughing about our men - which is always my favorite part of the evening - and when we were done, I was surprised to discover that I had eaten 7 plates of sushi... I could hardly believe it!

The reason we always end up going to a conveyor belt sushi place like Kuru Kuru is because Susan's hubby is VERY particular about his sushi and wouldn't dare eat at a place like that. The only time Susan gets to eat there is when we go out. :P

Here are some photos I took tonight of the yummy food...

Collapse )

I have to run - the hubby is kicking my butt in Scrabble on Facebook... (So much for my short-lived victory from the last game) ;) Hope you're all having a nice week!! HUGS!
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