October 14th, 2007

Sheri - fingerspelling

I've been trying to decide...

...whether or not to go to this... It's SUCH short notice and I really need to work miracles in order to get another day off approved by my BIG boss, but it seems like the perfect thing, and incorporates two of my favorite things: ASL and LA theatre! Plus Anthony being there as an Emcee is certainly a plus! :) Another plus is that air fare to and from LA is extremely low that week AND I'll be able to squeeze in two shows on Saturday (maybe) - the problem is work and will I be completely over-doing it and sleep deprived when the weekend is over? What do you all think?

Speaking of which, this weekend I've been basically hiding behind my computer, and in alternating states of napping (trying to recover from my lack of sleep last weekend AND throughout my really stressful work week...) and playing Scrabble on Facebook. :) I think I got Susan hooked on Facebook, which is a wonderful thing - she's usually SO anti-internet, but ever since joining Facebook she seems to have more of an interest in all things net related. :D I think I may have created a Facebook monster. ;)

Also, while we're kind of on the subject of ASL, my final class for the term was this past week. We went to the Hawaii School for the Deaf and Blind and played games with the students who dorm there. :) It was just a wonderful experience to be able to inter-act with them. They all were very patient with us and appreciated us coming to see them and were touched when we tried our best to communicate with them. I loved the interaction! I really think that's what I need more of - sitting in class learning vocabulary and grammar is fine, but what I really need is practical application of sign and events like this really help.

I'm off to look at air fares for the 26th and see if this is even a possibility for me... Hope you're all well! Big HUGS!
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