October 15th, 2007

Sleeping Beauty Wakes 3


...I got everything cleared with the folks at work... And made plans to go to the International Sign Language Theatre Festival in two weeks. :) I figured it was a once in a lifetime chance - and what could be better than combining my two loves for a weekend (ASL and LA theatre?) :)

Besides, with all my points, I got to book my hotel stay for free AND my air fare was lower than I've ever paid before - it was so tempting I couldn't pass it up! Plus, I could probably fit in 2 other non-festival shows if I wanted to...

So here's what my theatre schedule looks like so far:

Friday, Oct 26th (2-4pm): ASL Afternoon Session (Emcee Anthony Natale) :)
Friday, Oct 26th (Eve): I was thinking Sheldon & Mrs. Levine @ the Falcon, but it's opening night & no tickets are available. :( So, probably Little Fish @ The Blank Theatre.
Saturday, Oct 27th (10a-12pm): ASL Storytime
Saturday, Oct 27th (Mat): Possibly "The Marvelous Wonderettes", though I might just try to see something else - anyone have any suggestions? Maybe Master Harold & the Boys at The Colony Theatre...
Saturday, Oct 27th (7:30p-11:30p): ASL Evening Session (with a performance by Troy Kotsur)

I'm VERY excited about this!! :)

Speaking of which, Russell was nice enough to friend me on Facebook - which makes me very happy! :) Apparently, he's going to be involved in PaH on October 19th in Philadelphia, PA. And even though he's VERY busy, I'm still holding out hope that he's going to attend the Ovations. :)

I have to run... I have a 6am flight to Maui tomorrow morning for a branch training and I have to wake up at 3:30am if I even hope to make my flight. Hope you're all having a nice week! Big HUGS to everyone!! :)
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