October 31st, 2007


Some photos of my weekend trip (includes ISLTF & Wonderettes!)

I was finally able to stay awake long enough to upload a few photos of my recent trip last night. Most of them were of the wonderful people I met and ran into at the International Sign Language Theatre Festival which I recapped in my last entry, but I also got a few photos when I went to see the "Wonderettes" (for the 7 billionth time) :)

A little about my Wonderette experience... It's always so great seeing the girls on stage and even better was the fact that all of the original cast was in that evening, but the nicest surprise turned out to be that Bets reserved me a seat right next to Beth Malone (who is taking over her part until the show goes on hiatus after Thanksgiving - and who I saw and loved in "Sister Act" last year.) It was so sweet of Bets to seat us next to each other, especially since she knew that I'd always wanted to meet Beth!

Beth was sweet and funny and we spoke about the show and her involvement in it and I told her how neat it was that she'd always be a part of the show, even if she wasn't there - because she's in the program as "Judy Carter." :) Then, during several derogatory references in the show to Judy Carter (who is referred to in the show as "the mole head"), Beth hit me in the arm and laughed - she was so much fun to sit next to. :) It was wonderful meeting her and I'm very thankful to Bets for seating us next to each other. :)

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I have to run to work, I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!! Big HUGS!!