November 23rd, 2007

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So did anyone decide to fight the outrageous crowds at the mall today?

Not me!! Or at least, not me with the purpose of actually shopping! :P Unfortunately, the branch that my office is located in just happens to be right across the street from one of the three biggest shopping malls on the island - in fact - we share a parking lot with them. :P And because I have to work today, something tells me that traffic to and from my office is going to be just awful and won't get better until AFTER the New Year... :P

Hubby's not working today - he's sleeping off all the Thanksgiving food we ate last night and will probably have a great lunch of all the leftovers we brought home with us. :) Work will probably be slow today - I have this feeling that all the reps took the day off to either recover from the festivities of the night before or so they can head to the big University of Hawaii / Boise State football game this afternoon. :P

On a last note, before I run to work,... The Winter Wonderettes opens for previews tonight at the El Portal Forum Theatre! :) It should be fabulous and it stars three of my favorite people: Bets, Julie, and Misty! I will be flying out there for one day only (how crazy is that??) to see the show in a couple of weeks - and I'm VERY excited about it! :)

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving and if you decided to brave the malls today, I wish you well. :) Big HUGS to everyone! :)
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