November 26th, 2007

Sydney & Sheri

I'm just all kinds of happy right now...

...after a lovely string of emails from my favorite WW. :) I really needed some holiday cheer too - after Mark found a bunch of old video files that he thought he'd lost in the robbery and I spent the weekend watching Sydney video clips... Not Sydney while-she-was-ill video clips (which I have too...) but vibrant Sydney clips when she was fiesty and well. Of course it only made me sad - and miss her terribly. :(

Not much puppy talk lately as the hunt for a little fuzzy one to adopt has been put on hold (at least for a while.) I think Mark & I both need a little bit of time right now. And even if it feels like I've gone over-board in my theatre traveling recently (some suspect it's to forget how much I miss having Sydney around...) the last few months have, no doubt, been the busiest I've ever spent - with work, my night school, and of course, all my theatre traveling. I want to wait a bit and adopt a puppy when I'm ready to make the committment again to raising and training another dog.

I have one last theatre trip of the year - coming up this weekend... to see Bets, Julie, and Misty in "The Winter Wonderettes." :) I'm also making a quick stop at Deaf West Theatre in the morning to see the ASL Storytime and heading to OCPAC at night to see the closing night of "Jersey Boys." :) One day - but a heavenly day - at least as far as I'm concerned. :)

Thank you to everyone who filled out my holiday card poll below! :) If you'd like to receive a holiday card & newsletter from us this year (and yes, it's clearly the last edition of the "Mark, Sheri, and Sydney Holiday Newsletter") please head on over and fill out my poll. As mentioned earlier, sadly I lost everything when my laptop was stolen back in January so even if I've sent you a card before, I'd so appreciate it if you could give me your address again. :) Thanks so much!

I'm off to catch up on all of your entries - Big HUGS to everyone!!
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