December 9th, 2007

Doug & Sheri

Spent most of my Sunday...

...watching Season 2 of "Slings & Arrows" and getting my ass thoroughly kicked in Scrabble by Rod. :) Not an entirely bad way to spend the day - and I find myself already missing the weekend. :P

Friday night was our department's annual Holiday Party. This year, it was held at The Kahala - which is one of the nicest hotels on the island. I don't know how the wonderful organizers in our back office got BIG boss to agree to that location, but it was certainly nice - not to mention the extra perk of rooms for the back office staff. :)

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The next morning Mark & I headed to the Plumeria Beach House downstairs for one of the best Breakfast Buffets I've had in a long time!! One of the highlights was a "Kahalasada" - similar to a Malasada, but The Kahala's own version with Li Hing powder and sugar sprinkled over it - just delicious!! :) Plus they have THE BEST miso soup and sticky buns around!! I'm in love with the buffet - but I must've gained about 10 pounds this weekend... :P

On our way back from the hotel, we stopped by to FINALLY order our Holiday Photo Cards - we're SOOOO behind this year! :( I know we'll get them out eventually, but right now it seems like Christmas is coming much too fast!! :P

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!! I'm off to catch up on all of your journals. Big HUGS!! :)
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