December 29th, 2007


A belated Christmas re-cap and my usual end of the year meme...

My apologies to all for not coming here sooner to re-cap the lovely holidays... Mark & I had a wonderful Christmas with our families - and really, spending time with everyone is the best part of Christmas for us. :)

The holidays were a lot different this year with no fuzzy dog around, I have to say... It seemed odd to be eating breakfast at the in-laws and not have someone randomly squeal in surprise at a cold nose sniffing their hand under the table... ;) And of course, it also meant that Sydney was not around this year to do her annual Holiday Post. :(

But all in all it was a lovely time to spend with our families --- New Year's Eve will be spent with my Mom at our in-law's annual New Year's Eve party and then we head over to my Mom's house for New Year's Day. This year we've decided to do a little something different, instead of an elaborate dinner, we're having a Sugar Bowl pizza party that day (Since, EVERYONE in Hawaii - who didn't actually travel to New Orleans - will be tuned in to the UH game... and seeing as how we haven't been to a major bowl game in YEARS, this is HUGE for our little state!) :)

Hope you've all been well! I'm off to read all of your entries that I've missed!

But, before I go, I leave you with this, because it just isn't the end of the year if I didn't...

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