December 30th, 2007

Sleeping Beauty Wakes 3

Aside from everything else, 2007 was an excellent year for theatre!! My theatrical re-cap of 2007 :)

I've done this the previous two years and I didn't want this year go by without this entry as well... So I've made a list of all of my wonderful theatre experiences throughout 2007. I'm using a little different format this year, but you can click on the links in the titles of the shows and go to my journal entries of those specific performances for reactions, photos, etc. :)

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Whew!! That was a LONG entry! It took me nearly 3 hours of reading through numerous journal entries to complete... :P I have to try to keep a more concise account of my theatre viewing so this won't be so hard next year... ;P

Surprisingly here are the totals for the year:

55 shows over the course of the year (just 1 more than last year)
10 trips to Los Angeles, 1 to Sacramento, and an overnight roadtrip to Vegas :)
Over 55,000 FF miles earned
Countless, countless wonderful memories! Too many to count or even name! :)

Thank you all so much for putting up with all of my theatre babbling all year long!! Big, HUGE, happy *SIGH*!!
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