January 2nd, 2008

David Burnham

Happy New Year...

...to everyone! :) Amazing as it may be, Mark & I actually stayed up to watch the ball drop in Times Square this year - which is amazing only because last year I fell asleep with my iPod firmly stuck to my forehead :P and I was beginning to think it was becoming a habit. :P

The fireworks were definitely not as bad or half as loud this year, and we half wondered if was due to the 25,000 or so Hawaii residents who were NOT on the island and were off in New Orleans watching the Sugar Bowl... LOTS of our friends and neighbors were gone, some of whom would be responsible for fireworks - though it's probably foolish to think it could've made THAT much of a difference.

And yes, we watched the game at my Mom's house - as the entire state probably did - and we knew it was probably a bad omen when UH had penalties on their first two plays of the game... :( No matter what, though UH has had an INCREDIBLE season and should be proud that they made it all the way to the Sugar Bowl - sounds cliche, I know. But I think the Hawaii fans are just proud that the team made it as far as they did.

I'm back to work this morning... The one thing about when the holidays end... they end really SUDDENLY. As quickly as they came, they're now gone and we're back to business as usual. :P

And speaking of which... usual business, that is - ;) I've finally finalized our theatre schedule for our NYC trip in a couple of weeks:

Thursday, Jan. 17th: Young Frankenstein
Friday, Jan 18th: Jersey Boys
Saturday, Jan 19th (mat): Mary Poppins
Saturday, Jan 19th (eve): Little Mermaid
Sunday, Jan 20th (mat): Is He Dead?
Sunday, Jan 20th (eve): Grease

I've had to take a little different approach to ticket buying this time since I'll be traveling with my Mom and she has a little different taste when it comes to shows. My only sadness is that I JUST found out that David Burnham is taking over as Fiyero in "Wicked" on Broadway - and had I known, it would probably have been the only thing that would've gotten me to go back to there to see it. But it's too late to buy tickets now anyway... :(

Hope you all had a lovely New Year!! I'm off to get ready for work... :P Big HUGS!
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