January 7th, 2008


Only one thing is standing between me and my NYC vacation...

...it's a darn pickle story! :P Yep, that's right... a pickle story! :( Don't know if anyone remembers my panicked post back in December where my BIG boss fell ill and wanted me to do his training on Kauai for him? Thankfully all your good wishes worked and he actually showed up to do it. :)

Here I am in a similar situation. He wanted me to do the same training tomorrow on Maui... Those who read my panicked previous post know that I'm terrified of public speaking - it's almost a phobia for me. :P I made one last impassioned plea today with BIG boss and he agreed to do the training, IF and only IF I did the "Pickle Story" portion of the training. :P Not too bad, right? He ended his call with me today by saying, "But it better be flawless - AND you better sharpen your storytelling skills!" Sure, no pressure there! :P

In some ways this is worse because BIG boss will be there in the audience watching and evaluating me (as opposed to NOT being there at all if I had to do the whole training myself.) UGH... I just keep thinking to myself that if I can just get through tomorrow and that darn pickle story, it's smooth sailing work-wise (as smooth sailing as my job can get, at any rate!) until I can leave for NYC on the 16th...

My hope is that he gets SO wrapped up in his training and forgets to call me up to do the "pickle portion" and does it for me... And yes, it's a stretch, but one can hope, right?

So if you can spare any last "please don't let Sheri have to speak" wishes (as you've sent over the last time) I'd really appreciate them!!

I have to run - I have to get to sleep since my flight for Maui leaves at an un-Godly hour tomorrow morning. HUGS to all!!
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