January 20th, 2008

Sydney *SIGH*

Getting sick, especially in New York...

...REALLY sucks! :P Not sure when I got it, but yesterday afternoon as I was sitting in Say Cheese eating my glorious 'sroom sandwich (which is a grilled mozzarella sandwich with sauteed mushrooms - SOOO yummy!) I was beginning to feel a little flushed and by the time I was halfway through the first act of the matinee of "Mary Poppins" I had a full-blown fever complete with body aches and all... :P

Sucks because a) it totally put a damper on my vacation with my Mom and b) bitter cold weather with wind chills into the single digits are expected here today... :P After the matinee of "Mary Poppins" Mom & I headed back to the hotel for some downtime, I took an advil and felt MUCH better by the time we arrived at "Little Mermaid" that night.

I enjoyed "Mary Poppins", though I'm sure that my not feeling well hampered my enjoyment of the show somewhat. Loved Gavin Lee's performance as Bert and bigrivermusical will be happy to hear that I finally saw Dan Jenkins live onstage. :) The second act was much better than the first and at times incredibly touching - I teared up with the whole kite thing...

That being said, the matinee audience yesterday was outrageous! It mostly consisted of little girls and their mothers who seemed to have all just come from the "American Girl" store. Some were so well-behaved and so cute, but others were standing up, talking, eating crunchy foods, kicking the backs of our seats through the entire show, etc. If I wasn't so sick, it might've bothered me, but I must've been too sick to care.

"Little Mermaid" had quite a similar audience, though there seemed to be more theatre people there. I liked the show, if for nothing else, the wonderful performances. I'd been looking forward to seeing Norm Lewis since I've admired his voice (and, um... him) for quite a long time now and have never had the opportunity to see him live on stage. So even if it was a small part, I was excited. Sadly, he only sang two songs, and really didn't get to show off his range too much...

He did sing enough to impress my Mom, though. I was also completely impressed by Sherie Rene Scott (who Mark has a thing for after seeing DRS, so it's a shame he wasn't there...) Boy can that woman belt! Although I kept watching the show and thinking that Bets would make THE PERFECT Ursula with her comedic timing and her range... And the little boy (Brian D'Addario) who played Flounder was SUCH a great singer - we just completely loved him!! :)

True, the show itself wasn't the greatest thing we saw, but the talented cast made the show incredible to see! :)

Today we're doing some last minute omiyage shopping and seeing two last shows. It should be VERY cold, but thankfully we don't have to walk too far.
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