January 22nd, 2008

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..I stayed home from work today. :P Thank you all so much for the get well wishes in my previous post - I'm quite certain it's what kept me alive through the 17 degree weather we had on Sunday and the (what felt like) 5 degree weather we had waiting in line to be let in to "Grease" on Sunday night... :P

Sunday started off pretty well, Mom & I went to the Lyceum Theatre to see Norbert in "Is He Dead?" I'd never been to the Lyceum before and was shocked to find that there was a woman's restroom inside the mezzanine (the door to the restroom opened to the theatre and the seats - so the line of people waiting for the restroom formed right behind the last seat on the right side of the mezzanine - INSIDE the theatre...) Really odd...

The show itself was hysterical!! Norbert was terrific and his natural comedic timing was perfect for the role. Physical comedy is not one of my favorite things, but Norbert had it down to an art - by the middle of the second act, my Mom and I were in alternating fits of giggles and hearty laughter. :)

After the show we headed to Green Symphony on 43rd for some great veggie food. The walk wasn't long, but in the cold it felt like miles! It was worth it, though and I had one of the best veggie bi bim baps ever. :)

Then came the long wait in line in the (what felt like) 5 degree weather waiting to be let into the Brooks Atkinson Theatre. I swear, it felt so cold with the wind chill, I thought I was going to fall over... The poor girl in front of us, who was about 12, was wearing a skirt and tights - she was dying out there, poor thing! :(

The show itself wasn't that great... Max was charming - he has a certain something that I can't quite put my finger on that makes him really endearing. And though I liked Laura during YTOTIW, and she was very pretty and had a beautiful voice, she was just there - nothing special. None of others in the cast were known broadway performers - their bios in the playbill all said they were making their broadway debut. The only cast member I'd seen before was Stephen Buntrock (as Teen Angel) and interestingly he looked A LOT like Anthony and it was pretty distracting for me. :)

The show itself was a little too close to the the movie version for me - the cast even sang the Frankie Valli "Grease" song in the beginning - which surprised me. They did sing "Those Magic Changes," "Freddy, My Love," "It's Raining on Prom Night," etc. but no "Alma Mater," or "Alone at the Drive In"... All in all, I'd seen better productions of the show produced in LA. It was kind of a disappointment for us (though my Mom likes Max and was just happy to see him on stage) :)

So, that was our theatre weekend. Lots of shows, LOTS of cold, and lots of good food. And I blame it all on being sick, but by the time I woke up on Monday to begin our 14 hours of traveling, I knew that although I love New York, I was really ready to come home.

I'm off to catch up on your entries, take some cold meds, and pass out. HUGS to everyone who has been putting up with my travel entries! :)
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