February 10th, 2008

Sleeping Beauty Wakes

I guess it must come with age...

...but I've been having tremendously bad pain in my joints lately - my fingers and hands, especially. I've been trying to call the doctor to make an appointment because I'm afraid that I have the early (or maybe not-so-early) stages of arthritis. :P Bleh! :(

Sorry I haven't updated in a while - I've been having the hardest time keeping up with my life these days... :P I have gone back today to catch up on all of your entries that I've missed this week - because between all the after work meetings, the unbearably early flights to Maui, a dinner with Susan, and a show at Diamond Head Theatre, there was almost zero leisure internet time this past week. :P My apologies to everyone!

On Wednesday night, Susan and I went out to dinner at Big City Diner - which was nice. We talked about work a lot and both of our desires to finally have the courage to one day leave our jobs and do something that we both love. It also surprised me a little that after all this time Susan didn't have a real good idea of what I really did for a living - as, most people I don't think do - because I rarely talk about my job other than to say that I hate it... It was nice to catch up with her, though and I know I always say it but we really have to plan our dinner nights more often!

On Thursday night Mark & I went to Diamond Head Theatre to see their production of "Barefoot In The Park." Being that it's one of my favorite straight plays, I was a little apprehensive going in to see it. Really, to me, the success of the show depends highly on whether the Paul Bratter is cast well.

This particular Paul Bratter was played by a local actor named Todd Coolidge - who apparently teaches third grade at a school very near to my office. His bio says that he's from New York - and I think his training was very apparent. He was VERY good in the role, and was one of the few characters that I really believed... He had great comedic timing and was one of the few local actors that I've seen in a long time who I felt really "got" their roles (the last was Randl Ask who gave a brilliant performance as Albin in "La Cage" a couple of years ago). I'm really interested in seeing Todd Coolidge in another production. All in all, it wasn't a bad interpretation of the show at all... And yes, the show itself is pretty dated -- but I love it.

And while we're on the subject of random theatre, I was cleaning out and sorting through my bookmarks today and I came across a link for the demo clips for "Sleeping Beauty Wakes" and I just realized how much I miss the show. :( I know that Valarie and Brendan have gone on to concentrate on other endeavors (namely "Toy Story" on the Disney Cruise Line), but I had hoped for the show to have a life outside of Culver City -- for a rather selfish reason, just so that I can see it again... :P

Hope you're all having a nice weekend! Big HUGS to you!!
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