February 11th, 2008

Doug & Sheri

I just found out...

...that I may not be able to attend my state's caucus on Feb 19th. :( I have a HUGE seminar at work that's ending at 6:00 pm and I would have to be in my district (which is an hour and a half away in evening traffic) by 6:30 pm in order to register. BIG boss will probably not let me leave early because A) by law, I don't think he has to - it's a caucus, not a primary and B) he paid $35,000 for our guest speaker at the seminar. :P Still hoping that it's possible that he'll let me go, I mean these caucuses are important, by the time we in Hawaii vote in the primaries (Sept) the nominations will have already been decided and yes, we have a measly 29 or so delegates, but I would like to be there to support my candidate.

In puppy news, I found this in the paper. It's been a while since we've been puppy hunting, but this could be potentially good news. I'm going to call them tomorrow. :) Please wish me luck. :)

Finally, I've decided on my last show for my upcoming LA theatre trip this coming weekend. Due to cahwyguy's review of "Orson's Shadow" at the Pasadena Playhouse, I found out that Scott Lowell (Ted from Queer as Folk and featured in my icon) is actually in the show and even though cahwyguy's review wasn't a rave, to see Scott Lowell on stage is enough for me to buy a ticket. Haven't figured out if I'm fan-girly enough to attempt to stage-door the show afterward... We'll see. :)

So, my theatre schedule ends up looking like this:

Saturday, Feb 16th (mat): 1776 @ Crossly Theatre (to see Leslie!!) :)
Saturday, Feb 16th (eve): Twice Upon a Time @ Redondo Beach (to see Misty!) :)
Sunday, Feb 17th (mat): Orson's Shadow @ Pasadena Playhouse
Sunday, Feb 17th (eve): Thrill Me @ Hudson Backstage (to see Nick's work!) :)

Hope you all are having a great week - I'm off to read your entries and then get my butt further kicked in Scrabble. :) HUGS!
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