February 15th, 2008

Mark & Sheri 013007

Politics, LA traveling, V-Day, and puppy news.

Here's another reason I feel it's important that I'm at the caucus on the 19th. Most people assume that Hawaii is an Obama state (because he grew up and attended school here) but due to the Clinton endorsement from Daniel Inouye and the HGEA (who make up roughly 20% of the workforce in Hawaii...) nothing is certain. :P

On Wednesday, I had lunch with one of my rep teams and we had a lively and stimulating discussion on the election. We had a wide range of differing views and I like that - I'm all for a healthy debate of the issues - and though I don't agree with everyone, I ALWAYS respect the other person's opinion. (And I have to preface that by saying that while I respect everyone's view, the ones who I feel I can have a healthy discussion with have INFORMED views and are not just people who say "I'm voting for [so-and-so] because they are [insert gender or ethnicity or whatever]" and who have NO idea what the candidate's platform is...)

But enough about politics... In puppy news, thanks so much to everyone who left such great supportive messages in my last post about the ad in the paper. Sadly, it was not meant to be. Seems that no one in Hawaii breeds sable white or sable merle Shelties anymore. :( We're still on the look-out and I'm sure when we find the perfect puppy, we'll know. :)

Tonight I leave for a theatre weekend in LA. :) Work has been so busy and so stressful lately that I really feel as though I need this weekend just to rejuvenate... I also feel partially like a weekend of travelling might be too much for me to handle right now... I think I'm getting much too old to be doing these weekend jaunts to LA... :P

And finally, though we don't really celebrate Valentine's Day anymore, Mark was sweet enough to get me a nice arrangement of roses and a beautiful heart-shaped pendant yesterday. He hid the pendant in a heart shaped box of candy, which I thought was really sweet of him. :) I, in turn, got him a GC for the Apple Store. Nothing says love to a Mac enthusiast like a GC for Apple. :)

I'm off to throw things frantically in my suitcase and get ready for work since right when I come home it's off to the airport for LA... Hope you guys have a lovely Friday! Big HUGS to you!
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