March 4th, 2008

Thrill Me

My final theatre day in LA. :)

I had SUCH an amazing Saturday seeing Russell's show, and "All Shook Up" for the first time that I didn't think that any day could beat it. And then Sunday happened. And while nothing could truly beat my experience at Russell's show, the wonderful-ness of Sunday came pretty darn close.

It started with a matinee performance of "Thrill Me" at the Hudson Backstage. I'd seen the show on my previous trip and loved it so much that I had to see it again. And who should I happen to run into at the theatre? None other than Steven Stanley! :) It was so nice to see him - since I really hadn't seen him since "Lizard" in 2006. I'd forgotten how much fun it was speaking with him about theatre. :)

The show that day was great! Poor Alex Schemmer was fighting off a cold and laryngitis (he later told me) and I noticed that his voice was a little less strong than what I'd seen of him before, but he was still amazing! His "Roadster" is seriously bone-chilling... and his intensity in "Glasses / Just Lay Low" (the telephone song) is just as amazing as I remembered it, even though I could tell that raising his voice was a strain for him. :(

Stewart Calhoun was amazing that day! When I saw the show for the first time I didn't notice that he was tearing during the reprise of "Way Too Far", but I noticed it on Sunday. And at the end when he talks about getting back his possessions, I actually began to tear myself... AMAZING - just, amazing.

After the show, I stayed a bit to talk with Steven and Chad and got to see Alex again, who was SO sweet and chatted for a bit even though he wasn't feeling well at all. And I got to meet Stewart for the first time. Both guys are very sweet - and Steven is totally right when he said that when they're on stage, their whole face changes... I just can't say enough about how much I love that show. It's VERY dark and disturbing, but the performances are so rich and the show is so engrossing that it's just amazing to see.

It's definitely not a show for the faint of heart (nor is it child friendly), but this production of "Thrill Me" is a work of art that must be seen. It's been extended until the 16th - so if you live in the LA area and if you haven't seen it yet, please check it out. I guarantee 80 minutes of some of the finest performances you'll see around...

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I should run and get some sleep before I'm a zombie at work tomorrow, but I will update tomorrow on seeing careleswhisper and rripley at the evening performance of "All Shook Up" on Sunday night. :)
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