April 13th, 2008

Mark & Sheri 013007

So the hubby-less count is down to just three days!

I can't believe that Mark will be coming home on Tuesday! :) It seems like he's been gone forever! :P

On the "keeping busy" front, Susan and I went out to eat at KuruKuru (a conveyor-belt sushi place near my office) on Friday night. We had a great time (I gained about 5 pounds in the process, but oh well...) and got a great dose of girl-talk. :) It's always nice to see Susan and I really think we don't have our dinner nights as often as I'd like.

Last night, I took my Mom out for a nice dinner and then to see "Flower Drum Song" (my second time) at Diamond Head Theatre as an early Mother's Day celebration. We started off the evening at Assagios where we both had lovely marsala dishes (she had the chicken, I had the eggplant) and then went walking around Ala Moana looking at the Apple Store, Nordstrom, etc. Then we headed to Diamond Head Theatre to see the show.

My Mom LOVED it! She said it was really one of the best local productions she'd seen - and I have to agree. Since seeing the show back in March, I noticed more of a cohesiveness in the cast onstage... Which is why I usually love seeing a show near the beginning of its run, and then near its ending. I'm sure the cast (after working together for so long) had become very close OFF stage - which usually adds to the chemistry and performances ON stage. :)

The performances were incredible, the costumes were just stunning, and the choreography - beyond words! I have to mention "Fan Tan Fannie" which was probably the best choreographed and best executed dance sequence I have seen in any local production (and actually rivaled a few productions I'd seen in LA). Kathryn Mariko Lee and Kenji Higashihama (again) gave two of my favorite performances of the evening (as Linda Low and Harvard). Last night, too, I thought that Autumn Ogawa (who plays the lead - Wu Mei-Li) was exceptionally strong.

Usually I don't stay after the shows at local productions (since I usually don't know anyone in the cast), but I stayed a bit after the show last night so I could let a couple of people know what an amazing job I thought they did. Met both Kathryn and Kenji and they were just the nicest people! I know I rarely talk about local theatre, but I have to say that we have a lot of talent here locally and after seeing FDS, I've become much more excited about local theatre as a whole. I can't wait to see what's next! :)

Speaking of theatre, I have my May LA theatre schedule semi-planned:

Saturday, May 10th (mat): Miss Saigon at Redondo Beach (to see Misty!!)
Saturday, May 10th (eve): Oliver in Fullerton (to see Bets!!)
Sunday, May 11th (mat): Pest Control at NoHo Arts Center (they always have the greatest - edgy new works - saw "Lizard", "Ghost & Mrs. Muir," and "Dorian" there :))
Sunday, May 11th (eve):

If anyone is interested in meeting up for any of these shows while I'm in town, please let me know! I'd love to see all of you!! :)

I'm off to do more work on Kristi's site. :) Hope you all have a nice Sunday!
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