May 18th, 2008

Luke & Noah

Yes,... I'm smitten,... with. a. soap. couple. damn.

I am completely in love with this story!! My sincere thanks to both illiriahrising and mslauren2930 for the push toward the right direction and for their posts about the couple and the story... I'm hooked. :)

Of course, I've been spending waaay too much time on You Tube watching clips of their story,... and VERY little time getting any sleep... But, hey,... it's been worth it.

And it's been YEARS since I've watched a soap... and honestly, I never would've watched one again if it hadn't been for these two...

My favorite line?

"Getting a crush on Noah is like shopping for bread at a hardware store..." - Luke. :D

See for yourself how adorable they are...

LOVE them!!

As a side note, Mark & I just came back from the Hawaii Prince - last night was our annual "Race to Retirement" party that our department hosts for all the branches who have given us referrals throughout the year. We also woke up EXTREMELY early on Saturday morning to participate in the Visitor Industry Charity Walk (and now my legs hurt terribly!) - so we're pretty exhausted.

I'm off to catch up on all of your entries. :) Hope you all had a nice weekend!
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