May 22nd, 2008

Sleeping Beauty Wakes 2

I'm off to LA again... :)

So, tomorrow evening after work I'm taking full advantage of the three day weekend and am jumping on a plane to LA. :) It's sort of a tradition for me to be in LA over Memorial Day Weekend and there was no specific show that I really planned the trip to see, but it'll be a nice chance to see some new musicals, and UNWIND from all the stress of work. :)

Here's what my theatre schedule looks like:

Saturday, May 24th (mat): Oliver @ Fullerton Civic Light Opera, 2pm
Saturday, May 24th (eve): Trying @ The Colony Theatre, 8pm
Sunday, May 25th (mat): Red Dog Howls @ El Portal Theatre, 3pm
Sunday, May 25th (eve): Norman's Ark @ Ford Amphitheatre, 8:30pm

I'm pretty excited about it -- sounds like Red Dog Howls is a fabulous play and I'm always open to seeing new musicals like Norman's Ark... we'll see. And I've heard so many good things about Trying.

On a COMPLETELY different note - I can't end this post without saying how much I adore Russell... He has to be the sweetest, nicest, most articulate man that I have ever met. His emails melt my heart - they're so wonderful. I was REALLY down a couple of days ago because of the actions of someone (who I will not mention in this public post... maybe later...) ;) but reading his email made me realize how fortunate I am. And that no matter what others do, I am definitely blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people. And so ends my Russell Harvard gushfest...

On another equally wonderful note, my ASL classes started up again tonight and I LOVE IT!!! I'd forgotten what a joy it is to sit in class and be absorbed by a completely beautiful language... Because it's been a while since I've been in class (I'm almost 5 months away from it now...) my signing SUCKS, but I can understand what others are saying pretty well.

Hope you all are well, I'm heading off to catch up on all of your entries. I've been a little too consumed with web work, Luke & Noah, and playing Path Words on Facebook and I haven't logged in here in a while. I blame it all on Rod Keller, who has been feeding my Path Words addiction. ;) I'm kidding of course, I LOVE playing Path Words, and Word Twist with him EVEN if he kicks my butt everytime! :)
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