May 29th, 2008

Sheri - ASL

I knew it was too good to be true...

...they cancelled my ASL class because there were only three students registered. :( :(

Someone told me about other ASL classes at Kaimuki Community Center - which I'd like to investigate, but the sad part is that they aren't offered through an accredited program... :(

I'm at a loss... It's been so long and I was finally getting back on track! :P But, ah... such is my life. :P
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Mark & Sheri 013007

An update on my poor, shingled hubby! :(

Mark finally went in to see his primary care physician this morning and was shocked to hear the doctor say to him that his was the single worst case of shingles he had EVER seen in someone as young as Mark. Of course his next question to him was just why didn't he go in to have a doctor look at him earlier... :P

Poor guy... in addition to the bout of shingles on his back & sides (it starts at his spine and wraps around his entire mid-section to his chest) he's begun to break out on his face and neck. Not the same as the shingles on his back, but more like random red welts - similar to pimples or what might look like chicken pox - which the doctor told him was unrelated to his shingles. I'm assuming it's impossible to get shingles and chicken pox at the same time, but that's totally what it looks like to me.

He's been getting a lot of rest, which he needs, and has finally seen his doctor - so I can finally rest a little easier...

On a MUCH different note, I've come to the conclusion that when a certain co-worker and I travel together to visit the neighbor island branches for work, chaos will certainly ensue... :P Two weeks ago we were scheduled to go to Maui... I panicked when 10 minutes before boarding I didn't see him in the holding area... So I called his cell, only to hear, "Today was Maui?" :P

I also have to mention that his name is VERY common and on some master TSA list so when I travel with him, I can never just check in - I have to wait the 15 or so minutes that it takes for them to find out that my travel companion is not a criminal and can actually board the flight...

Then, during our scheduled trip yesterday (which he thankfully showed up for) ;) no one from the ground crew informed us that our flight had been cancelled and that they were routing everyone to Maui on the EARLIER flight that was about to take off any second... Thankfully we made it there, but we almost didn't make it home... Our business lunch ended at 1:15pm in Kihei (which is about 40 minutes to the Kahului airport in the afternoon) and our flight was boarding at 1:33pm - and leaving at 2:03pm. It was 1:15pm and we still had to drive back to the branch to drop the branch manager and my rep off, drive to the airport, return the car... I'd almost given up before we began and turned to my co-worker and told him, "We've missed our flight..."

Amazingly, even with only one lane open all the way to the airport (the city and county picked yesterday to paint the lines on all the median strips in Maui... ARGH!), all the things we needed to do, AND me driving we actually made it on our plane. I could hear my name being called on the loudspeaker, "Last call - Sheri Fujimoto... please report to gate 17 for your flight to Honolulu... doors will be closing in one minute" as we were running across the airport to the gate. We got there JUST before they closed the doors - I have NEVER been that close to missing a flight... EVER!

On the plane ride home, my co-worker and I discussed the fact that even though we enjoy each other's company we both never want to fly together to a neighbor island again... ;)
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