June 22nd, 2008

Thrill Me

Amazing One Act Plays...

Last night I went to the Studio/Stage Theatre in... God knows where - it was sure a scary neighborhood, though... to see Stewart Calhoun (from "Thrill Me") in a One-Act New Playwright's Festival.

There were 6 short one act plays presented - the first being "Hip-Skidoo" which was the play that featured Stewart. Stewart played a high schooler stranded on the side of the road with his mother (played by Daria Balling) on their way from Oklahoma to some unknown destination. Stewart is fortunate that he can play a 16 year old and no one would bat an eye... His acting is always very engaging, which is what I love about his performances. At the end, when his character truly learns what the journey has been all about and his eyes begin to tear, it's one of the most touching moments in the show.

The other plays were great as well, "Rising Hot Air" was cute and sweet... a little off beat, but very touching. "About the Deep Woods Killer" was emotional and was a great showcase for Mark Louis Palkoner who was simply amazing in his role as an emotionally disturbed man who has to deal with his grim past. "Compression of Casualty" was an interesting and thought-proking piece which I enjoyed for its political statement about the media and how we've de-sensitized death. "Tangled" was just too disturbing for words... Really, it was creepy as hell - but in a "there-were-a-lot-of-great-performances-in-this" kind of way.... And finally "The Big Ride" was fun and cute. :)

Today I saw "The Who's Tommy" at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre and "Dog Sees God" at the Hudson Backstage - which I will definitely post about tomorrow. I'm also meeting Brian Cole for coffee at Starbucks to discuss a website and tomorrow night I will be seeing the 2 Kevins in Ventura. :) So it looks like it'll be another great day! :)

Thanks for putting up with my theatre (and Emmy) babbles. :) HUGS!!
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