July 2nd, 2008

Paul Anthony Stewart & Sheri

Woo! NYC plans are starting to come togther! :)

Aside from the fact that I don't know if either Van or Jake will be attending the BC/EFA flea market, the other parts of the trip seem to be coming together quite nicely. :) (And really, though I'd love to see Van and Jake at the flea market - the flea market itself is always something I had wanted to attend so that in itself is a lovely thing!) :)

And I guess the GL fan club weekend is the following weekend in NYC and there's a bowling event that Van went to one year, but I did attend this bowling event waaaaaay back in 1999 or so when I was a Paul Anthony Stewart fan (hence the use of my once a year only PAS icon) ;) and it was fun... the stars bowl and you can watch and take photos, there's an auction, but it's SOOOOO crowded it was really hard to see anyone. I did get to take a great picture of Nancy St. Albin at that event (and it made me less averse to her taking over for Joie, but that's a different post altogether...) ;)

I'd much rather go to the flea market only because there are so many more people I'd want to see... I adore Van and Jake, but they're really the only daytime actors I'd be excited to see... I mean there's ALL sorts of people I'd love to meet at the flea market from the current casts of broadway shows,... I can't even tell you. And if "A Tale of Two Cities" had their own booth, forget it!! I'm SOOO there!

This is what my NYC schedule looks like, tentatively, of course...

Thursday (Sept 18th): Not sure... I don't want Robin to have to drive out two nights - so maybe I'll see a show solo - awaiting possible Xanadu discount codes... or if Robin doesn't mind the drive - perhaps In The Heights - which because of their Tony wins no longer have discount codes... :(
Friday (Sept 19th): The Marvelous Wonderettes (with Robin)
Saturday (Sept 20th - mat): A Tale of Two Cities (possibly)
Saturday (Sept 20th - eve): A Tale of Two Cities (with Jessica and Nicole)
Sunday (Sept 21st - mat): Nothing - because I'll be at the flea market!
Sunday (Sept 21st - eve): [title of show] - I actually purchased tickets already because they were discounted at $47 - how could I pass that up??

Now, my LA trip this weekend, is a little less certain and not as well planned out...

Friday (July 4th): A Chorus Line at The Ahmanson
Saturday (July 5th - mat): Possibly Tommy again at Ricardo Montalban Theatre
Saturday (July 5th - eve): Possibly Dog Sees God or maybe Looped at PP...
Sunday (July 6th - mat): Dog Sees God at the Hudson Backstage
Sunday (July 6th - eve): Not sure...

Well, if anyone can suggest a show for me to see this weekend in LA, I'm all ears! :) Hope you're all having a nice week, I'm off to catch up on all of your entries. :) HUGS!!
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