July 4th, 2008

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Car rental problems & A Chorus Line

So, I'm in LA again and just encountered some pretty frustrating car rental issues (which I will admit, I should have been more observant and discovered earlier). I discovered after I left the lot (and was already on the 405N) that the car that I was assigned only had like a 1/4 tank worth of gas left - How could I NOT notice that before I left? That's what absolutely no sleep the night before and renting cars almost weekly will do to you - I don't even bother to check anymore...

So I called Alamo because I had to pay $45 or so fill the tank, just to begin my trip, which I thought was unfair... But because it was the 4th, and so busy at the LAX rental center, they were unable to connect me to anyone there - live. I'm calling back tomorrow to see if anything can be done... :P I'm more angry with myself for not noticing, but still - they shouldn't give out a car that isn't properly prepped.

But onto the happier parts of my trip...

A Chorus Line

So... after 25 years I finally went back to see the show that first got me into musicals... A Chorus Line. I was only 13 years old when I first saw it, but I already knew back then, after seeing it that I was addicted to musical theatre! :) It was almost surreal to see it, nearly 25 years later and funny that I remembered much more than I thought I would of the show.

Saw the tour cast which featured, among others - Michael Gruber as Zach and Nikki Snelson as Cassie... I would've LOVED to have seen the Broadway revival... This cast was good, but there were a few people in the Broadway revival that I would've loved to have seen (among them Ali Porter, Brad Anderson, Chryssie Whitehead, and Tyler Hanes.)

The show is much the same as I remembered it, though I think they took out Connie's line "Connie Wong - always Wong, never white." Maybe it was deemed a bit too offensive to keep in (?) Who knows, I liked it. I remember being a bit more shocked by "Dance 10; Looks 3" back then - but then again, I was only 13 and a song about "tits and ass" wasn't something I heard a lot of before.

There were some outstanding performances in this tour cast - among them Kevin Santos (who played Paul - but its no surprise since the strength of the Paul really makes or breaks the show, for me anyway...) I think the same is true for the Diana (who was played by Gabrielle Ruiz - who was very good). Another performer who stood out to me was Jay Armstrong Johnson - who played Mark (not a character who stands out too much - but who needs to be an exceptionally strong dancer - and that he was! The "Larry" is supposed to be the strongest dancer in the show, but I couldn't help looking at Jay throughout the dance numbers - he was absolutely breathtaking...)

Seeing ACL tonight reminded me exactly what it was about the show that left me a fan of musical theatre for life... I'll admit not having that "Jersey Boys" excitement and awe that I did after seeing the JB tour cast for the first time at the Ahmanson, but this was special, and sentimental and I'm so glad that I got to see it.

Tomorrow I am hitting the malls (woo!) and then catching the matinee of "The Who's Tommy" (yes, again - I found a free ticket so why not?) and then I'm seeing "Songs from an Unmade Bed" at Celebration Theatre. So it should be another fabulous theatre day. :) I'm off to catch up on all of your entries. :) Big HUGS and hope everyone had a lovely 4th!!
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