July 5th, 2008

Kevin - Huh?

Talk about embarrassing!

While I was roaming around an old message board I used to post on, I actually stumbled across the VERY first website I ever created! It's still up on the net and I have NO IDEA how to access the ftp to take it down... :P It was created on a free server and I was using some sort of silly web program back then, the design is just awful and the backgrounds are really disgusting... :P

It does have photos of my 2000 NYC trip to the Guiding Light Fan Club Weekend on there, some photos I thought I'd never see again from my Jaycee days, and some pages for my Lucky & Liz fan obsession... Just weird.

It's pretty hysterical to see how awful I was back then,... :P


Off to hide and work on some REAL websites. :)
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Tommy (again, but with changes!) and Songs from an Unmade bed

Today I saw two shows in Hollywood - this afternoon I headed back to the Ricardo Montalban Theatre to see "The Who's Tommy" for the second time.

Before the show, I spotted Brian and we chatted for a bit - he said to be prepared to see some changes since I'd last seen the show... Which I love - I love to see differing variations of the same show...

The first scene that young 4 year old Tommy is in was changed (last weekend, Tommy and his Mom were playing "patty-cake" before her lover enters, but not this week) And I don't think that young Tommy ever spoke in the other version and he was FACING the action when his mother's lover is killed. In today's version he was sent upstairs, but came down when the fighting began and had his back to the action and saw everything through the mirror. I liked it better this way - seemed to fit the story better...

Also, I don't remember the druggies in the end of the first act being so outrageously morbid in the version I saw a couple weeks ago, but they were writhing on the ground and really freaky as hell today. Gave the Acid Queen scene a real sense of nastiness. Also, I noticed a few people who were added to the cast (who didn't appear in the playbill so I don't know who they are...) Two dancers - one who I know I've seen in other shows before, but I can't place and with no bio info, it's been driving me nuts since I left the show... :P The other was tall with light curly hair and who was a GREAT dancer - too bad no bio...

After the show, I happened to run into David Burnham. I ran into him outside and usually I'll never go up to someone who I've only met once to speak with them if it isn't their show I'm there to see... But, I literally almost ran INTO him, so I said, "I know you don't remember meeting me..." To my surprise he said that he did. We spoke for a while and he told me he just got back to town. I told him I knew he was doing a concert next weekend and he said, "The 11th and 12th!" He's always been SUCH a nice guy - it was really great seeing him. :)

Songs from an Unmade Bed

Tonight I headed to the Celebration Theatre to see "Songs from an Unmade Bed." I'd heard good things about it and I've always wanted to see a show at CT. :) "Songs" is a one man show about the heartaches and heartbreaks of a gay man living in NYC. The songs were alternately funny, touching, and heartbreaking. I'd wanted to see Dave Barrus in the role, because I'd heard so much about his performance, but when we walked into the theatre, I saw Dave walk in and sit in the seat in front of me... That confused the heck out of me and I almost asked him what he was doing there and not getting ready to go onstage... it's a good thing I didn't. ;)

The show began and they announced the understudy, Frank Lawson, would be performing in place of Dave that night. I was initially disappointed, but Frank Lawson was great, had a lovely voice, and an engaging nature. As we left the theatre, I got the chance to speak with Dave - I told him, "I was wondering why you were sitting in the audience with us." :) When I asked him if he was going on tomorrow, he told me that unfortunately he wasn't performing the entire weekend. He was VERY nice and it was great speaking with him. :)

So, I know cahwyguy is seeing this show tomorrow - so I wanted to let him know that he'll be seeing Frank Lawson - who was great in the role - but played it VERY differently from Dave. Also, I wasn't sure if he knew, but the show itself is not very child or teen friendly. Some of the subjects were a bit mature in nature...

The show itself was wonderful, though and had Dave Barrus said he was going to be in tomorrow night, I would've gone back to see him in it. And I love the Celebration Theatre and there's no doubt I'll be back there to see another show soon. :)

Tomorrow I'm seeing "Dog Sees God" again and then heading to Pasadena to see "Looped" so it should be another really busy theatre day! :) I'm off again to catch up on all of your entries and get some sleep. HUGS!!
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