July 6th, 2008

Sheri & Nick

The "I adore Nick" and "Looped was freaking amazing" post!!

First off, this afternoon I went back to the Hudson Backstage to see Nick's show - "Dog Sees God". And not only was the show as wonderful as I remembered it, but there were a few understudies going on as the leads and I ALWAYS love seeing different interpretations of the characters when I see multiple viewings of shows.

Andrea Bowen was not in so I had the pleasure of seeing her understudy, Megan McNulty in the role of CB's sister (since this is a "Peanuts" type take-off, the "Sally" character). In the first act, I wasn't too sure about Megan's interpretation - she seemed a bit too strong and manic at times... but in the second act, when her character had to be more sensitive and sympathetic, she totally hit it out of the ballpark - she was INCREDIBLE! In fact, I think I liked her performance in the 2nd act MUCH more than Andrea's.

The role usually played by Megan, was played this performance by Rayne Marcus who gave the "Lucy" character a lot of heart and who I enjoyed A LOT in the role. She had a tough, but very vulnerable side that I liked a lot and thought worked really well with the character.

Joe Porter was amazing, as always, as CB and, like the time I'd seen it before had me in tears at the end. It was funny because I knew it was coming and I knew what would happen, but seeing Joe at the end sobbing with the letter in his hand and reading the final words, made me bawl like a baby, in spite of myself.

It was also amazing to see the show with sound. :) If you remember my last trip, the sound system crashed right before showtime and we all viewed the first act with no sound at all. I later told Nick that I had NO idea the last time I'd seen it with no sound, that the song that CB and Beethoven were playing before they kissed was "chopsticks" and that made the moment all the more cute and endearing. :)

And seeing Nick there at the show was probably the highlight of the day for me! I SOOOO adore the man!! Not only am I the biggest fan of his amazing talent (seriously, he is SO talented it's almost ridiculous!!), but as a person, he is just the sweetest, most lovely man you could ever meet! I think I have a serious fan-girly crush on him! :) He gives the greatest hugs (he doesn't let go - and hell... that's hot!) and the entire time we talked he held onto my hand - he has to be the warmest person I have ever met - I can't say enough how much I ADORE him!!


This evening I went to the Pasadena Playhouse to see "Looped" - I had heard NOTHING about this show going in so I had very little expectations - which I think worked to its advantage. All I knew was that Chad Allen was in the cast, and heck if I was going to give up the opportunity to see Chad Allen perform live in a show...

The show was about a recording (or looping) session in Hollywood. Chad played Danny, a film editor who must work with Tallulah Bankhead to dub A SINGLE line of her movie. Bankhead (played exquisitely by Valerie Harper) takes the entire course of the show to dub her one line and in the process, reveals secrets about herself, and gets Danny to reveal secrets and open up to her. VERY opposed in their ways of thinking and living, they both grow to realize that they aren't that different and end up forming a surprising friendship of sorts - that's both touching and emotional.

I LOVED IT! It was funny, touching, and SOOOO incredibly acted. Valerie Harper was EXCEPTIONAL in the role, and was SO funny that the audience was literally rolling in the seats from laughter. This had to be one of the greatest straight play performances by a female that I have seen all year - and heck, perhaps ever... I'm so glad I decided to see this show!!!

So it was another AMAZING theatre weekend - all the shows that I saw were great! I'm a bit sad that it seems like my LA theatre travels might be cut down considerably in the coming year (with no Kevin or Bets around...) I will, however, still try to fly out as much as I can to see Nick's shows,... because I can't miss those!!

I go home tomorrow evening and then it's back to work on Tuesday... :P It's been a great weekend to unwind - thank you all so much for putting up with all of my theatre babble again! :) HUGS!!
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