July 12th, 2008

Paul Anthony Stewart & Sheri

Okay... so I set my alarm every Saturday morning...

...to 5:30am just so I can be awake to listen to the Nuke Podcast each week live. It's become somewhat of a weekend tradition for me - and even when I'm traveling, I set aside the 9am - 10am hour for the Podcast without fail. Something tells me I'm getting a little too involved in this whole Luke & Noah fandom...

Speaking of which (fandoms, that is...) last night at the Ford Amphitheatre I was shocked to read that some of my fandoms were beginning to collide... I knew Reprise was having their big "Freestyle" concert, but I was shocked to hear that Paul Anthony Stewart would be performing as well! AHHHH! Talk about throwing me all the way back in time to my VERY first soap fandom (Danny & Michelle on Guiding Light)... Interesting... Wonder if that means Paul is no longer living in NYC. Which would be completely ironic since everyone I know seems to be moving there. ;)

This weekend I'm engulfed in web work! With Kristi's site, the MTG site, Lowe's site, Tawny's site, Brian's site... I'm a bit overwhelmed! Please don't get me wrong, I'm SOOOOO thankful and so blessed for all the wonderful work that's coming my way, but there certainly has been A LOT of it recently and I'm trying my hardest to keep up with it all! :)

Finally, I have formally cancelled my late July LA trip to try to save money for NYC. And while NYC is terribly exciting, I will miss the freedom and the ease I had traveling to LA (not to mention the folks there - and the shows that I will, no doubt, miss by NOT being there...) I'm going to rely more than ever on all of you who live in the area (and see these shows - yes, cahwyguy, I'm talking to you ;), so that I may live vicariously!) :)

Hope you all have a nice Saturday - I'm off do more web work!! :)
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