July 20th, 2008


Travel woes...

Remember my post a while back about the bad luck I had traveling to the neighbor islands with one of my co-workers? Well, I've come to realize that it isn't HIM who's bad luck, it must be ME! ;P

On Friday, I had to go to Kauai for work to do the exit interview of one of our reps out there (I will miss her!) :(, take back her laptop, and take her out for a "thank you" lunch. All was going well until I arrived at the airport for my flight home...

The airport was UNUSUALLY packed for 1:30pm in Kauai. I asked a nice gentleman nearby what was going on and he said that two Hawaiian Airlines planes had broken down, one in Kauai and one in Honolulu so the flights that were supposed to have left 2 hours ago were still waiting to get out! To make matters worse, he said, there was a computer malfunction in Honolulu, so even if there were planes they could fly over, none of them could leave the airport! :P

Wow... so I called work to warn them that I wouldn't be in the office that afternoon. BIG boss was not happy, obviously, but what could I do? After a bunch of confusion, MUCH waiting (thankfully with Luke & Noah clips on my iPod), and a lot of flared tempers (other passengers who had to make connections in Honolulu were panicking!) I finally boarded my flight nearly 3 hours later.

It's good my co-worker chose not to come with me on this trip - but when he hears about it I can be sure that he'll NEVER fly with me again! ;P

This weekend I've been doing a lot of web work and I've been taking breaks here and there to work on designing a postcard for the new "more airtime for NUKE" campaign they're running on the message board I post on...

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I'm off to do more web work. Hope you've all are having a nice weekend!!
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