September 1st, 2008

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A happier post for a change :)

...I feel that I have been a bit depressing here lately... Thank you to everyone who replied to my last post about my Dad's card that I found. For some reason, last week was extremely emotional for me (and I'm not entirely sure what brought it all on....)

But, I've decided to be a bit more upbeat... So, in that vein, I have a list of things that have made me extremely happy lately.
  • Completing and uploading Kristi's website this morning! :)
  • Hearing from an ASL classmate who says there is another translation volunteer opportunity. :) And it involves a fair! ;)
  • A simple 5 word email from Bets that made me do a serious "AWWWWWWWWWW!" :) LOVE her!
  • Reading such great things about "A Tale of Two Cities" and seeing Kevin get so much well deserved praise. :)
  • Finding out that my sister in law and I have another huge thing in common (our love of slash.. okay, different slash fandoms, but still...) :)
  • Seeing my Mom and the in-laws having a great time together on Sunday.
  • Watching and re-watching (and re-watching... okay, you get the idea.. ;)) Luke & Noah's tie tying anniversary clip... SIGH.

Thanks again to all of you. Hope you all had a nice Labor Day!! Big HUGS!!
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