September 6th, 2008

Sleeping Beauty Wakes 2

Travel Stress... usually Mark's thing. ;) He stresses about trips LONG before we head out, but I'm usually the one who loves the feeling of not knowing what's ahead. It's usually the excitement of the unknown that's really appealing to me... Which is what I love about traveling.

But, the other morning I woke up much earlier than my alarm in a HUGE panick about NYC... I can't figure out why, since I've been there at least a dozen times before... :P

In any case, I'm leaving in less than 12 days and while I CAN'T WAIT to go, I also feel that I'll never get everything I need to get done for my web sites, for work (BIG boss has been chiding me for weeks saying, "You're leaving me! And you're not coming back until,... what? Halloween??!!" :P), and not to mention packing... :P

On another work-related note, one of the dear girls in the back office resigned on Friday. :( As sad as it is, I'm happy for her new job opportunity and know that she was MUCH better than the job she was doing for us. We tend to go through this turn over once every two years... We finally get a back office staff that is lovely, cohesive, and very much like family, and then people leave for new opportunities. On the personal - friend level, it sucks, but I can understand - some of the jobs in our back office are just stepping stones and the hard working folks back there deserve so much more... Still, it's sad to see them leave. :(

On a happier note, I just found out that Russell is going to be participating in Deaf Idol on the 13th! I'm SOOO excited for him. If I'm understanding John Maucere correctly (which I may not, it's been a while since I've practiced my receptive skills) we can watch it online on the 13th and vote too. :)

Here's the info:

Finally, I've been back and forth to Kauai SOOO much for work this week that I'm beginning to know the rental car folks and flight attendants on Hawaiian -- which is scary... Thankfully, all the "butt-crack-of-dawn" flights have ended and I can actually leave for work at a decent hour again. :)

Hope you're all having a nice weekend. HUGS!!
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