September 8th, 2008

Kevin as Bill in Applause

BC/EFA Flea Market

Started posting and reading again on BWW.Com - wow that place is much harsher than I remembered - or maybe I've been getting too accustomed to the folks over at where acceptance is a general rule there. Looking around BWW.Com I don't recognize very many posters from back in 2003 when I first registered. :P

With NYC just 10 days away, I've been doing a lot of searching and waiting for the list of celebrities who will be appearing at the BC/EFA Flea Market on the 21st. Of course, a partial list of ATWT and GL celebs have already been announced (YAY for Van & Jake being there!), but as for the others... still no word.

From what I understand you pay $20 to stand in an autograph line to see the stars who are scheduled for that hour - to come back for the next hour, it's another $20. Photos in the photo booth with celebrities are $10. Been thinking about who I'd spend money and time standing in line to see or take pictures with... as far as daytime stars - only Van & Jake, but as far as broadway performers, very few too. Here are the only ones I could think of (Not that these people would be there, necessarily, but one can hope, right?)

Patrick Wilson (I'm seeing him in "All My Sons!")
Cheyenne Jackson (Hopefully I'll see him in "Xanadu")
Christopher Fitzgerald (He's still in YF, right?)
Jesse L Martin (not that he'd have a specific reason to be there or anything, but he's been there the past couple of years...)

That's about it! I'd totally love to see Kevin there, but I don't know that I'd stand in line just to see him. I certainly don't mind donating money to the cause, but really, that would be like paying $20 for the chance to see my Mom. ;) I'm kidding, of course, though it seems rather weird to do so... :)

Other than that, there's still the issue of packing... and for a 12 day trip, I fear packing light is not even an option at this point... :P

Hope you all have a nice Monday!! HUGS!!
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