September 11th, 2008

Sydney - happy

A quick puppy update before I run off to work...

Mark & I went to see the breeder last night and the puppies were gorgeous, healthy, beautiful fuzz balls!! They're currently 5 months old right now (and not available to us until the end of Sept) and just starting to show their individual personalities. :D SOOOOO adorable!

We got to see and "meet" the Mom, who is a gorgeous burnt orange color sable/white - just beautiful, and SUCH a caring Mom to her puppies! And we saw a photo of the father (who is a champion tri-color) :)

The breeder hasn't decided which puppies he's keeping - so we couldn't make any kind of decision last night - though we did put a deposit down so we can have our choice once he decides. He agreed to let us know when he's decided, and he'll email me photos of the ones that are for sale. They're all gorgeous, and because our intention is not to own a dog for show purposes, we'd really be fine with any of them.

There were two that stood out to us, though. A little female that had the cutest personality. She kept trying to climb a little stoop and kept tumbling over. ;) SOOO adorable - she also came up to me easily and seemed to bond the most with us. Her markings aren't as clear (or as nice) as her sister, but she was adorable!

There was also a male who was smaller than the rest, but had THE CUTEST face! He seemed a little shy and didn't really come up to us, but it could just have been that he was tired. Mark & I want a female, but we're not ruling out a male entirely.

So, good news is that we're getting a puppy!! YAY!! Bad news now is that we don't want to get too attached yet to any of the ones that we saw last night since we still don't know which ones the breeder is keeping.

Thank you all SOOOO much for the good thoughts and well wishes in my last post!! We're SOOOOOO excited!! :) :) Big HUGS and much love to all of you!!
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