September 22nd, 2008

Sheri & Van 2008 Emmys

BC/EFA Flea Market... what a day!!

Yesterday, I went to the BC/EFA Flea Market with my three NYC roomies. :) We went to see Van and Jake and meet some of the other folks from the message board (and addtionally I wanted to see all the broadway folks).

I was actually the first one that the BC volunteers pulled to go to the photo booth with Van & Jake and I was REALLY nervous! But Van was also SO gracious and remembered meeting me (for the split second that I did) from the Emmy's. When I walked up to him, the first thing he said was, "You were at the Emmy's, right?" After that I was basically speechless... Van and Jake were both incredibly gracious, and just SO sweet as always taking the time to pose for more than one photo with me at the photo booth. (The cameraman had his hand over the flash in the first one...)

When they first came out to the autograph table, I noticed that their name plates were wrong - Jake's nameplate was sitting in front of Van and vice versa. I pointed that out to them, from where I was standing in the line and Van smiled adorably and said, "I'm going to be Jake Silbermann today." :)

When I was in the autograph line, Jake asked me how I spelled my name (when I asked him to sign one of my photos) and for a second, I'd almost forgotten... I ended up saying, "Um... Dylan wrote it here..." and pushed a piece of paper that Dylan has just autographed for me over to him... I can't believe what a dork I was - I was just too tongue-tied!

Aside from seeing Van & Jake, one of the highlights for me was meeting some of the broadway performers I admired so much! Norm Lewis was the sweetest man - and I couldn't have adored anyone more!! I gushed to him about how much I loved his voice, told him that meeting him was one of the highlights of my trip. He told me how much he loved Hawaii and wanted to visit. Then gave me the HUGEST hug and we took the photo below (be still my heart... I wanted to stay like that forever!) When I left, he took both hands of mine in his and said, "Bless you!" I love the man... he was the definition of beautiful...

In addition, I randomly ran into Chris Jones who was there walking around with his lovely wife, I also saw Roger Bean, and Justin. Sadly, I missed Bets who was rushing off to the show... :( I did meet a bunch of wonderful folks from the message board, though and that alone made my day!

Here are some photos of the day!
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I will update when we get back this evening about seeing [title of show] last night, which I just adored!! Big HUGS to everyone!!
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