September 23rd, 2008


A bunch of stuff... [title of show], "Save Me", & "Wonderettes" again!

[title of show]

Saw [title of show] on Sunday night after the flea market and it was fabulous! From the moment that the hysterical pre-show announcement was made, I knew that I would love it! It was clever and witty and really had me rooting for them. Sadly, as the closing notice was just posted the day before, the last ten minutes of the show were especially bittersweet... Watching their success unfold onstage, yet knowing the show was closing, was almost too heartbreaking and, like the sap that I am, I cried like a fool throughout the last ten minutes of the show.

It was an incredibly special show, though and I urge anyone in the area to see it before it closes in October.

"Save Me"

Today my 2 NYC roomies & I took a long trek down to Chelsea to see Chad Allen's independent film, "Save Me." The walk was well worth it, though because it was one of THE BEST films I have seen in a very long time. Chad Allen was simply amazing!! I've loved Chad Allen before, but he was phenomenal in this movie! His range was INCREDIBLE! His heart-wrenching performance had me in tears at the end. And I was very shocked to see Jeremy Glazer in the opening few minutes of the film. SOOO glad that I found out about this movie and was able to see it!

The Marvelous Wonderettes

Well... I didn't cry like a complete sap during the final number this time... so I feel like I'm making progress. ;) But a couple of times speaking with both Roger and Bets, I thought I might... Hey,... baby steps, right? ;) I'm just so happy for them, I can't tell you...

The show was terrific again, and I noticed that Beth's performance was a little less tomboy tonight... or I might've gotten used to her Betty Jean more... either way, it was a truly great performance! Bets was wonderful, as always, and so hysterical during her "lemon-twist" scene!

There was a lot of ad-libbing tonight during the "voting" portion of the show. Beth stuck one of the pencils up her nose and then attempted to lick it in front of an audience member... Farah saw her and immediately said, in true Missy fashion, "Hey, no last minute campaigning for votes" - which I thought was just hysterical. When I handed my ballot to Victoria, she noticed that I voted for Suzy, "Suzy! Why'd you vote for her?" she asked me. I didn't know what to say so I said, "She's my friend." Victoria smiled and said, without skipping a beat, "No biased voting!" :)

The Mr. Lee was cute, but during "With This Ring" he winked at / flirted with Cindy Lou and Victoria gave him the funniest shocked and then mock disapproving look. He also blew kisses to Farah during "Teacher's Pet", which she hilariously jumped up to catch each time. GREAT show, I just wish the audience wasn't so sullen. The audience tonight was SOOOO quiet - I was almost ashamed to be a part of them... A couple of people even walked out in the middle of the last number - which just makes me SO angry!! :[

Anyway, tomorrow we might try to see "Save Me" again in Chelsea, I'm seeing "Heaven In Your Pocket" (another NYMF show) and then "13" tomorrow night - so it should be another great day in the city! Thanks so much to everyone for putting up with my theatre babble! I will post pictures of our sight-seeing trip to the Empire State Building tomorrow. HUGS!!!