October 5th, 2008

Sheri & Cooper 01

Cooper :)

So, it's been a little more than a day and a half since we brought Cooper home with us and already we're noticing little things about his personality. :) He's very well adjusted for a puppy - not skittish at all when it comes to loud noises, other dogs barking, etc. He's VERY independent and (unlike Syndey) will amuse himself for hours with a rope toy or bone and doesn't HAVE to be within eye-range of us.

We stepped out of the house for about an hour yesterday, just to get Cooper used to us leaving and he was fine. He slept, didn't cry, and didn't even seem to care that we'd left. We're going to try it again, for a little longer time today before we both head back to work tomorrow.

The cutest thing was that yesterday Cooper discovered the "dog in the mirror" :) (we have a full length mirror near our master bathroom in our room). He started off cautiously going up to "him" and then backing up little by little... He had a bit of a barking match with the "mirror doggie" yesterday morning, but by the afternoon, it seems that Cooper's warmed up to "him." ;) Before we left the house, I found Cooper leaning against the mirror - he apparently held no grudges against the "mirror doggie" and fell asleep next to "him." ;) He even brought his bone over to "mirror doggie" when we came home. :D Looks like the start of an interesting "friendship." ;)

I can't, for the life of me, remember how Sydney handled her own reflection in the mirror - I can't remember if after a while she knew that it was her or if after a while, she just didn't care. ;)

And yesterday Cooper discovered the refridgerator! So now, whenever anyone opens the refridgerator door, no matter where Cooper is, you can be sure that he'll be right at our heels, edging his way between us and the door to get a first hand peek inside. ;)

Thank you all for your sweet comments in my post the other day!! We both love having a new fuzzy one around the house. :) He certainly is filling our lives with joy! :) Big HUGS to everyone!!
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