October 12th, 2008

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Jury Duty, vet visits, and picture taking. :)

First of all, I wanted to thank all of you who posted comments in Cooper's first post below... Cooper has an obsession with the computer. He can sit and look at it for a long time - and he'll paw at it and mistakenly check my email... ;) If I wasn't certain we were all meant to be a family, that certainly cemented it for me. ;)

Good news! My jury duty (the one that I rescheduled from September because I was going to be in NYC) got postponed so I don't have to show up tomorrow. Tomorrow is a bank holiday so I don't even have to go into work. :D It'll just be me, Cooper, and Luke & Noah's new storyline tomorrow - and I couldn't be happier!! :)

Yesterday we took Cooper for his first vet visit and he did surprisingly well. He was VERY popular at the vet's office and one of the technicians asked if he could take Cooper in the back for a moment. They were gone for a long time and when he came out, he said that all the technicians were taking turns taking cell phone photos with Cooper in the back - he said it was like a photo shoot. ;) It was nice to see our old vet... she got a little teary when we saw her since the last time we saw her we had brought Sydney in... for the last time. I think it was nice to see her for a happy reason this time. :)

And finally, today we took Cooper to my Mom's and took our annual Holiday card photo. :) I know it's a bit early, but we wanted to do it while Cooper is still as small as he is. :) Little does Cooper know that this is an annual tradition and this was just one of many Holiday card photo shoots to come. :D Poor guy! ;)

I'd better run... I have a bunch of web work to do for MTG (which is probably going to go live soon --- YAY!) Hope you all had a nice weekend!! HUGS!!
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