November 11th, 2008

Sheri Manga

YAY for having the day off! :)

Thank goodness for today... after all the yelling I got from BIG boss the other day (almost two hours over the phone) after his LOOONG trip to and from Guam, I think this day off was really necessary. If nothing else, to re-group and be able to face the rest of my week.

So, I'm sad that I cancelled my LA trip this coming weekend... But I felt with Cooper being in the formative stages of training and with my December NYC theatre trip coming up, something had to go. And I'm really sad that this will be the first time in three years that I'm missing the Ovation Awards, but just looking at Cooper makes me realize why I'm staying home. :)

The exciting news, though is that a NYC trip sooner than I'd expected is a VERY nice surprise! I'm just seeing Wonderettes and Pal Joey, but it should be a great, SHORT, weekend trip! In fact, I'm flying out Friday after work and coming home on Monday. :) And getting the chance to see my former NYC roomies (from Sept) is always a nice treat. :)

Speaking of the Wonderettes, I got my calendar in the mail today!! I know that Bets and the rest of the cast are trying to raise more money for BC/EFA than the Altar Boyz cast and buying their calendar is one way to help them. :) Have you ordered yours? ;)

Also, the Wonderette cast recording is being released today - which I am VERY excited about!! I think I'll wait until I see the show in December to get mine... ordering through the mail always takes so long and I run the risk that the plastic casing will be cracked when it arrives (I hate living out in the middle of nowhere sometimes...) :P

Today I'm going to relax a bit and get caught up on some web work, write our holiday newsletter, and spend tons of time with the fuzzy dog. :) Hope you all have a great day!! HUGS!!
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