December 11th, 2008

mind you, iSign - not well

Deaf Santa - and bringing back the holiday spirit. :)

Okay, I was thinking that I was getting old and jaded... which was partially correct (the old part, anyway ;)) because the holiday season was becoming more about bad traffic, no parking at work, and running around trying to chase a good deal on electronics for hubby... And I feared I was turning into a scrooge in my old age. :P

But I have to say, there's NOTHING like spending a day at Deaf Santa to change all that! Just seeing the children's faces light up when they tell Santa what they want for Christmas and seeing the Santa sign back to them, "I'm deaf too..." is more than enough to warm the heart. What's more, seeing the children look so surprised when they find out that I could sign and ask them if they like the chocolate in their gift bag is more than enough to bring back the holiday spirit for me.

And maybe my signing sucked and was rusty as heck, but the children didn't care. It was nice to see them surprised and happy that I was trying. :) And I think, more than anything, it reminded me that christmas isn't about the dozens of inconveniences like parking and traffic, but it's about the giving of yourself to others who appreciate it. :)

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Tomorrow I leave for NYC straight from work... If for some reason, I'm unable to find a wireless connection, please have a nice weekend! :) Big holiday HUGS to you all!! :)
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