January 7th, 2009

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So, I was a good girl...

...and spent my time last night backing up my LJ, just in case (thanks to cahwyguy for the link). Like everyone else here, I'm totally not going to panic, but I do have about 6 or 7 years worth of my life on this thing and the thought of backing it up, in any case, seems like a good idea to me. This place has been like my second home for the past 6 years - and, of course, I did meet all of you here, so even the remotest talk about it possibly going away has me saddened...

But on to happier things... Mark & I leave for NYC in a couple of weeks! :) I'm SOOOO excited, I always love going to NYC, but it's also been AGES since I've been able to travel with Mark and I'm really looking forward to it!! :)

Here's our show schedule:

Friday, Jan 16th: Billy Elliot @ Imperial
Saturday, Jan 17th (mat): South Pacific @ Helen Hayes
Saturday, Jan 17th (eve): The Marvelous Wonderettes @ Westside Theatre (with Robin, too!) :)
Sunday, Jan 18th (mat): Shrek @ Broadway Theatre
Sunday, Jan 18th (eve): Dust @ Westside Theatre

Lately, I've been looking forward to seeing more things OFF-Broadway than I did before (maybe because everything on Broadway seems to have just closed...) Becky Shaw also seems pretty interesting, but I think that's going to have to wait for my next trip in April.

In other happy news, the weekend following our NYC trip, Mark & are heading to the Grand Wailea in Maui with my work folks, who are sponsoring the trip as sort of a thank you for a great 2008. Niiiiice! :) So there's much to look forward to. :)

Hope you're all having a nice week!

And BTW, just out of curiosity (and not because I'm overly thinking this, but I'd like to know because I'd hate to lose contact with everyone...) if the unthinkable does happen with LJ, where will you go? Just curious...
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