January 11th, 2009

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Since it is the 12th where she lives...

...I just wanted to wish my dear, dear friend sabine10 a very Happy Birthday!!

Sabine, you were the VERY first person I met here on LJ and you have been SUCH a great friend to me all these years... I truly hope that you have a day as lovely and as special as you are!

LOVE you, my dear!!
Sheri, Mark & Cooper-fuzz :)
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Mark & Sheri 2008

My poor travel-stressed hubby

It's been a while since I've traveled with Mark and I had forgotten how stressed he gets before trips. :P Mark is a person who likes to know how things turn out before embarking on adventures - while I'm the COMPLETE opposite. The unknown is what I love about traveling. :) He is never fully happy until we're on the plane heading home from a vacation (because, only then does he know how everything turns out...) ;)

Last year our schedules were such that we didn't travel at all together... I went on my mid-January NYC trip last year with my Mom, while Mark went with his family to Japan in April. So it has been a while since I've had to experience "travel-stressed" hubby. ;)

As the date of our trip draws closer, he will spend his time staring blankly into his suitcase mumbling, "shirt, socks, pants, shoes..." to himself over & over - which has become a pre-trip ritual for him. ;) I always tell him that forgetting something is a good excuse to go shopping, but somehow he never seems to find that too amusing. ;) This is why we rarely travel together... I think. ;)

Despite my teasing, I am SOOOOO thrilled that Mark is joining me on this trip! It's been so long since we've been in NYC together, I want to take him to eat at all the great places that I've discovered since the last time we were there - that I know he'll just love. :) We're definitely going to Tony's DiNapoli, Say Cheese, Zen Palate, and SOOO many other places! :) Aside from all the theatre, I'm excited about all the eating we're going to do! :D (Though not too excited to jump on the scale when I return home, however...) :P

And while we're gone, we're leaving Cooper dog in the company of my Mom and her neurotic dog, Yuki. We've been monitoring the two dogs together over the holidays and I think they'll be just fine together. We hope that Yuki doesn't teach Cooper to be afraid of tile... or doorways,... or stairs while we're gone. :0

Now, if I can just get through the next 4 days of work, I'll be good. ;)

I'm off to work on Kristi's FB fan page and some other web work. Hope you've all had a nice weekend! HUGS!!
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