January 12th, 2009

Luke & Noah 3



The love scene that Nuke fans have been waiting almost 16 months to see.

So the cap isn't from today's episode, but one of their more recent kisses...

Part of me is cheering infinitely, the other part is just speechless... I mean, it certainly took them long enough!!
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Sheri Manga

Stolen fromsuetrys and markbuster

Seven things you probably don't know about me:

1. I am deathly afraid of unnaturally large human forms... stems from an unfortunate "Santa-at-Ala-Moana" incident when I was three. ;) Now it's a phobia. Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore,... you name it - my palms get sweaty, I get dizzy, and I almost pass out. (Embarrassing, but true...)

2. I almost NEVER watch tv - I have one, it's just never on. When I do, it's once a year and I can sit there for hours on end watching a "What Not to Wear" or "John & Kate Plus 8" marathon and then I'll be good - tv-wise - for another year. ;)

3. I'm not even 5 feet tall. Even saying that I'm 4' 11" is stretching it. ;)

4. I collect plush shelties - and over the years my collection has grown to over 2 dozen from as far away as Japan. :) My collection really grew after Sydney passed away. Lots of friends gave me plush shelties when they found out - which I thought was really sweet.

5. Although I travel a lot, I HATE flying. I cannot sit in the window seat of a plane because looking down weirds me out. It's funny for the amount of flying that I do, I still feel this way.

6. I never cry when I'm sad. I only cry when I'm really, REALLY frustrated or when something is incredibly touching.

7. Up until recently I had clothes in my closet ranging in size from 3 to 13 and in the ten years that I've been living in my house, I've fit into all of them at one time or another - except the size 5s - I was a size 5 for like, maybe a week. ;) I have bagged and given away the 3s and 11s and 13s, but are holding on to the 9s and the bigger 7s "just in case" my diet slips... :P
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