January 20th, 2009

The Marvelous Wonderettes

More NYC updates, South Pacific & Wonderettes!

Although we came home last night, I wanted to recap some of the wonderful shows we saw during our COLD weekend trip. :)

South Pacific

Surprising how much I loved this show! I've seen the show countless times in other venues, on TV, in the movies, etc... I didn't think that another stage version could bring anything new to the show that I hadn't already seen. But I was wrong!

Initially I had heard that Eric Anderson had joined the cast and he was the primary reason for me wanting to finally see it. I'd previously seen other shows at the Vivian Beaumount Theatre (Light in the Piazza for one) and I knew the venue was just gorgeous, but I wasn't really prepared to be so blown away by South Pacific.

For one, the orchestrations were beautiful, the acoustics in the Vivian Beaumount are almost unable to be matched - it was just a GORGEOUS listening experience. The sets were beautiful, the cast was first rate... the staging just lovely. It has to be among the classier productions that I have seen to date. VERY fitting for its venue since I equate classy productions to the Lincoln Center...

Eric Anderson was GREAT as Stewpot and it was so great to see him in such an amazing production! We got the opportunity to see him after the show and he was just INCREDIBLY kind and gracious and seems to be enjoying himself in the show. :) It's just lovely for me to see all these great performers from LA do so well in NYC. :)

What really surprised me was being able to see Andrew Samonsky as Lt Cable! I've seen Andrew many times in tick, tick...BOOM! in LA, and he's friends with Tami, and Steven, and many other people I know in LA theatre, but I've never actually had the opportunity to meet him myself. He was GREAT in the role (and according to him, he just took over the role a week ago) and it was great to finally meet him after the show.

All in all, a wonderful South Pacific experience and I'm so glad that I got to see it. :)

The Marvelous Wonderettes

This was my 12th viewing of the show (8 in NoHo and 4 off-broadway) :) and I always enjoy seeing different people in the cast... Sadly Victoria was out sick the day that I saw the show, but it was great getting to see Lauren Pastorek (one of the Wonder-studies) go on in her place.

Lauren has a VERY sweet face, which sometimes makes it hard for me to see her as the conniving Cindy Lou, but she did a great job. Sadly, it sounded like there were some sound problems that night, so her "Maybe" was hampered a bit by the static of her mic. I thought she did an excellent job in the role, and it was great to see a Wonder-study go on for one of the regulars. She was the sweetest person when Mark & I got to talk with her after the show... She mentioned working in Hawaii for 10 months on one of our cruise ships and how much she loved the islands. VERY sweet!

Bets was wonderful, as always, and gave a little something extra in that evening's performance. Her gum behaved nicely when she's introduced as one of the prom queen nominees (her bubble popped nicely over her nose) and the funniest part was that she seemed to spend an EXTRA long time getting the gum off her fingers... GREAT, great addition to an already funny moment.

I spoke with Robin's nephew about the gum scene after Suzy is announced as prom queen and told him that in NoHo, Suzy picking the gum off the floor gets a HUGE laugh and in NYC, everyone just gives a BIG, "EWWWWW!" Robin's nephew said it was because in NYC, no one wants to eat ANYTHING off of the floor, in LA the floors might be a bit cleaner... ;)

Bets was wonderful to talk with after the show, as always - we always love seeing her! And I got to meet Farah for the very first time, which was a nice surprise. :) It was a lovely Wonderette experience and I'm glad that Mark got to see it in NYC. :)

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I still need to do an update of Shrek, and Dust. Thank you to everyone who has been putting up with my theatre babble thus far. :)
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Adam (Lambert) was on American Idol tonight? I may have to tune in (and break my three year AI boycott ;)) just to see him. ;) Special thanks to Bobbie for notifying me!! Whoa! Hope he survives the first few rounds of Hollywood week! His voice is FAR, FAR too good not to, though...
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